APP 80/62GLW

One of the suitable products in terms of price & efficiency for various segments. It is a combination of 80 GSM Chromo +62 GSM Glassine Release with 20 GSM Water based Acrylic Adhesive Coat. The label stock produced through the mentioned material has the best quality. It copes up very well with Plastic, Metal, Rubber, Glass & other surfaces. The material is made through the hard process where it can be best served on any surface. Thus, this material is very much suitable for glass surface which is mostly used in Pharmaceutical & Winery industries. Similarly, it is suitable for plastic, fiber and rubber surface. Out of this, Plastic is mostly used in Pharmaceutical products. It is also applicable on Metal surfaces like containers of Automobile parts. The important aspect of this material is that it can withstand the temperature range from 1 degree to 150 degree Celsius.

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